Designed and developed by architects, ARCHBasement™ is an intuitive online platform that provides a wide range of fully functional 3D objects and graphic elements for practicing architects, students and architecture firms.

For Arch’s new identity, we aimed to create a strong, rational graphic solution in 2D that also explored different possibilities with an added 3rd dimension.

The logo explores the perception of traditional aesthetic codes of architecture but in a contemporary and experimental way. It is stern and precise in its construction, but gives itself room to play. Each letter is a rigid geometrical design with optical corrections purposefully kept to a bare minimum. They evoke the purity of architectural drawings made from rulers and compasses while carrying a modern architecture feel, and their 3D iterations immediately connect the visual identity with the brand’s services.

Both of the chosen typefaces echo attributes of the logo’s typographic design, such as the rational vertical axis, low contrast and the (alternating) right-angle terminals.

Visual identity & Guidelines for 
Arch Basement™
Creative Direction: Rafael Ayres, Daniel Escudeiro
Motion 3D rendering: Paulo Ferreira​​​​​​​